Domain at Citygate POI 006

This is Your Place

Discover a seamless crossroad between style and service for a wholly connected living experience unlike any other. A home catered to our driven residents, Domain CityGate offers a sense of accomplishment in a community with a clear sense of belonging. Located minutes from downtown Naperville, IL, our community offers a distinctive sense of luxury and outstanding service that makes home feel like an inclusive club that you can proudly proclaim membership. Explore the rich culture of downtown Naperville by day, and by night you can recharge in your own space with high-end apartment features and community amenities. Domain CityGate’s warm sophistication allows you to take control of your lifestyle in the way you’ve always dreamed. 

  • S
    DomainCitygate 2DFloorPlans S4


    STUDIO | 1.00 BATH
    585 sq ft
    Starting at $1,695
  • 1
    DomainCitygate 2DFloorPlans A15


    1 BED | 1.00 BATH
    813 sq ft
    Starting at $1,795
  • 2
    DomainCitygate 2DFloorPlans B7


    2 BED | 2.00 BATH
    1047 sq ft
    Starting at $2,260

Floor Plans

Floor Plans
Floor Plans

Discover Belonging

The Club Life

Unlike typical suburban apartments, our distinct sense of style and dedication to service provides you with a “club” where you’ll proudly feel like you belong. In the heart of CityGate Centre, your day-to-day will spring to life with colorful excitement and charismatic artistry. In addition, swift access to SR-59 and I-88 makes traveling a breeze - giving you even more control over your experience.